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The Wall Today | Die Mauer heute -- Ein Werk über die Berliner Mauer in deutscher und englischer Sprache mit 75 Bildern Pastor €15,00 Bekijk
The uses of the past - profiles of former societies Muller, Herbert J. €4,50 Bekijk
The Unknown War - Armed anti-Soviet Resistance in Lithuania 1944-1953 Kuodyte, Dalia €7,50 Bekijk
The unforgettable Elephant. Platt Winfrey, Laurie €4,00 Bekijk
The TIMES Atlas of European History Cussans, Thomas (e.a.) (Editors). €25,00 Bekijk
The Templars Read, Piers Paul €10,00 Bekijk
The story of Wedgwood. A living tradition. €5,00 Bekijk
The Siam Society - selected articles from The Siam Society Journal - 3 volumes - Vol. III: Early history and Aundhya Perios / Vol. V: Relations with Burma I / Vol. VI: Relations with Burma II Red. €35,00 Bekijk
The Secular Spirit: Life and Art at the End of the Middle Ages Hoving, Thomas (Foreword) €17,50 Bekijk
The Scots Guards. Goodinge, Anthony. €10,00 Bekijk
The Scarlet Thread - An Indian Woman Speaks Barton, Rachel €4,00 Bekijk
The Saudis - inside the Desert Kingdom Mackey, Sandra €8,00 Bekijk
The SA Generals and the Rise of Nazism Campbell, Bruce €20,00 Bekijk
The 1890s - with a new introduction by Malcolm Bradbury Jackson, Holbrook €4,50 Bekijk
The Rising Sun - The Decline and Fall of the Japanese Empire 1936-1945 Toland, John €13,95 Bekijk
The revolutionary years: West Africa since 1800 -- The growth of African Civilisation Webster, J.B. Boahen, A.A. Idowu, H.O €4,50 Bekijk
The Regime of the Rivers Euphrates and Tigris - a general hydraulic survey of their basins including the river Karun etc. Ionides, M.G. €75,00 Bekijk
The Re-education of German Prisoners of War Director of Prisoners of War €10,00 Bekijk
The Primitive World and its Transformations Redfield, Robert €8,00 Bekijk
The Penguin Book of War - Great Military Writings Keegan, John €20,00 Bekijk